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Fusion Beauty

Lips & Lash XL



2 piece set containing:


Lashfusion XL instant lash voluminizer .42 oz
LipFusion XL 2X Micro Collagen + HA Advanced Lip Plump .29 oz


What it is:  A duet that delivers instant fullness and full-out drama for voluptuous lips and lashes, in one kit.What it does:LashFusion XL is a creamy mascara that builds volume and lengthens lashes for instant and long-term voluptuous effects. The rich formula includes a naturally emollient resin to encourage curl, and comes with a large brush that makes an impact in just one coat. LipFusion XL delivers the beauty-boosting benefits of doctor-administered collagen and Restylane(R)* injections in the first needle-free, Topical-Injectable(TM) formulation. It boasts a powerful combination of 2X micro-injected pure collagen plus micro-injected hyaluronic acid, in one high-performance topical night-time treatment.This set contains:- 0.42 oz LashFusion XL- 0.29 oz LipFusion XLWhat else you need to know:LashFusion XL's patented capisphere delivery system provides a reparative complex of fatty acids, avocado oil, and wheat flower lipids that fortifies lashes&#151even after the mascara is removed.

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Lips & Lash XL






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